Admission Form 2025 - 2026


Dance is an excellent means of communication to express what is too deep ,too fine for words . In our school , students learn to choreograph and are made conversant with various Indian and western dance forms. Our trained dance department is committed to excellence, innovation and learning . Our mission is to bridge dance practice and scholarship and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry. 


We at SIS provide specialised training of musical instruments of both Classical and Western origin. Instruments are assigned to children for gaining in hand experience. We have customised platforms for vocals, instrumentals and choir rehearsals in the music room. Apart from the musical instruments there is a computer with internet access and music software for music notation, composition and sequencing. 


Art is not just fun and games but it is a journey of exploring and learning. Art also helps the children to foster their mental-well-being, portray their emotional quotient thus resulting in individual uniqueness. At SIS,  children are encouraged to expand their wings of creativity and imagination through various activities in drawing and craft-work.


SIS, has an efficient and well- qualified team of instructors who are dedicated to nurture the talent of students. We always focus on Olympic ideals " The important things in Olympic is not to win, but to take part. The important thing in life is not the triumph but struggle. The essential things is not to have conquered but to have fought well." 


“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body,mind and soul.”   We teach Yoga with other subjects with great importance. In order to develop health and mind of a student yoga is treated as of primary importance in our school. Keeping this in view we organize yoga in all classes from nursery to 12 according to their ability. 


Learning is a complex process and effective teaching may not lead to effective human learning. Effective educators know that they cannot use a “one-size-fits all” approach to teaching and assessing students. SIS, school arranges innumerable hands-on activities from CBSE to involve the students to help them to learn better and enjoy their school days.


AIL is a teaching-learning model which is based on learning 'through the arts' and 'with the arts'. We, at SIS,  utilise this method to help our students construct and demonstrate understanding of diverse topics through any art form. Integrated learning takes place through visual arts, drama, performing arts, role playing and so on.


Foreign language classes have been introduced which is not only productive in imparting linguistic skills but also enabling the students to explore and learning about diverse cultures and lifestyles. Diverse foreign languages are introduced to our students led by experts in their own realm, to open a world of opportunities for our students to grab on later in life.


The Spoken English Course designed by Saini International School, focuses more on sharpening skills that are used in effective communication. The parents form an important part of our family and hence new initiatives introduced by us are not only for our students, but also for the parents.  Spoken English speaking experts help our parents to learn how to speak confidently and fluently at their own convenient timings.


The British Council offers the International School Award (ISA) as an accreditation framework for schools to record and evaluate their international work and embed it into the curriculum and whole school ethos.